The Adventures of a New Preacher

I am a new preacher again and at my age that is no small feat!

Actually, I am now the new preaching minister for the Levy Church of Christ in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  God works in amazing and surprising ways and did so by opening up the door to me for this opportunity. For over sixty years Levy has been an active kingdom presence in her community. I feel blessed to join the ranks of those who have preached before me and I look forward to the wonderful adventures God has planned for my ministry here. By God’s grace, I think we are off to a good start.

As I get settled in here, my mind still drifts back to my family in Pensacola at the Gateway Church of Christ. Regardless of where God may lead me, I will always cherish my time there. This church loved me and my family and supported and encouraged my ministry in tremendous ways. They are family and I love them. My prayers are earnest in asking God to bring them a special servant to minister with them in the Word. It was not at all easy to depart, but I felt that perhaps they needed a new voice. I will be excited to see what God has in store for this sweet church next. I expect it to be terrific.

I have some pretty high expectations at Levy too, but they have much more to do with the heart of this family than with me.  I see an incredible and grace-oriented servant spirit saturating this church and an encouraging vision for letting God work in powerful ways.  From every thing I have observed so far, the Levy family is fully committed to being a church who serves her community. The direction and extent of the ministries here clearly demonstrate that. Talk about exciting!  This desire to be a church of the community stems from a heart for reaching people for Christ- both here and abroad.  I am truly humbled to now be a part of this family- my family at Levy.

I still do not think Levy is fully aware of what they have in their new preacher. I have yet to introduce the theology of country music into my sermons or to quote Barney Fife! 🙂

For now, I am just enjoying the adventures of a new preacher!






2 Responses to The Adventures of a New Preacher

  1. Stephanie Keeton says:

    We love and miss you and are still trying to adjust.


  2. John Dobbs says:

    You and your family will be beloved in two places now … which is a testimony to your sweet spirit and hard work!

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