Baltic Family Camp

God willing, on July 30-August 5 Christians from the countries of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, and the United States will converge on Camp Ruta in Moletai, Lithuania for the first Baltic Family Camp (BFC).  This ministry has long been a dream of many and thanks to God along with the missional focus of the Levy Church of Christ, the dream is about to be realized.

Recently I had he privilege of traveling in the Baltic region. I was warmly welcomed by Christians in Vilnius, Lithuania; Warsaw, Poland; Riga, Latvia; Tartu and Tallinn, Estonia.  Without fail they expressed joy, excitement, and anticipation about the camp. Our goal is to make BFC an annual gathering for Christians in this region.

The Baltic area churches of Christ- while strong and vibrant in most places- remain small, scattered, and isolated. Their hunger for extended fellowship is evident.  BFC– which is scheduled after the youth camp ministry is completed in each country– will hopefully facilitate deeper fellowship and church strengthening. We envision it as a time of refreshing, rest, and renewal.

We have a tremendous team from the U.S. and Europe who plan to facilitate growth discussions for missionaries, men, women, couples, and singles. Planned is also a separate day camp for the children who accompany their parents.

We solicit your prayers for this effort. We still have much to do in order to be fully prepared. Our appropriate theme is “We Are One.”  If you would like to know more about Churches of Christ in the Baltic region here are some links with information about the congregations and the people in them:

Looks for more news about BFC here in the future.


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  1. […] The Baltic Family Camp set for July 30-August 5 in Lithuania is shaping up, praise be to God. Our theme is “We Are One.” It will have a wonderful international flavor with Christians from Estoinia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and the U.S. coming together at Camp Ruta. We have our schedule set including class topics and daily activities. Excitement is building. All four Dodds are scheduled to be there, God willing. Keep this effort in your prayers. […]

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