Five Reasons Why the NFL Lost Me

no-fun-leagueOkay– for a change of pace:

I used to be a huge NFL fan, but now no longer. It really has turned into the No Fun League for me. Regular season games hold little interest (except for my fantasy football teams). Sure, I will watch in the playoffs and the Super Bowl, of course, but college football has firmly supplanted my allegiance. Here is why:

1. Mediocre Play. Basically most games stink. There have been very few pairings of winning teams and most of those have not been that compelling. The game is just sloppy now. I long for the days of the Niner’s championship teams or a team like the 85 Bears.

2. Terrible Officiating. Seems like the officials blow a game a week. Along with adventures in officiating comes the inevitable booth reviews which drone on and on–taking the focus off the field. Gimme a break and not a commercial one!

3. Rule Changes. This is connected to point #2. I get the need for player safety. But the game as it is played today is getting away from real football. Officials are forced to call all kind of penalties that once did not exist. Someone explain to me when to call pass interference? Is it when the defensive player breathes on his opponent? Or not? I am tired of the rule changes and games being decided by the ref’s interpretation of them.

4. No More Defenses. Also connected to the two previous points. I am old enough to remember the Steel Curtain and that awe-inducing 85 Bears D. What happened? Count me among the few who do not enjoy pinball football with score-a-minute offenses.

5. Oversaturation. Soon we will have an NFL game on every night of the week- or it seems anyway. Boy, just can’t wait for that Jacksonville v Cleveland game on Tuesday night!

6. (Okay a bonus reason) Too Much Bloviating. Blame it on ESPN. Now we have way too many “experts” who help break down every insignificant fact about the game. Talk, talk, talk! It happens before a game; during a game; after the game; 24/7. I miss you John Madden.


9 Responses to Five Reasons Why the NFL Lost Me

  1. David Jeffcoat says:

    I will add another bonus reason:
    7. Brutality. The professional game is too much like the Roman arena. We don’t kill people in the NFL, but too many players end up wth dementia. I can’t support current day professional football.

  2. Brad Adcock says:

    You lost me at #5. There are currently 6 NFL games shown a week (unless you have NFL Sunday Ticket or whatever it’s called). There are that many college games being shown at any given time on any given Saturday on 50 different channels. NFL games are played on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. College football is played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday regularly throughout the season. #5 belongs in a discussion of what’s wrong with COLLEGE football, not the NFL.

    • dannydodd says:

      You are right Brad about there being more college games, but there is no pretense about all of them being THAT BIG A DEAL. If the MAC conference is playing on a Tuesday night- it is not promoted as the greatest game ever played the way the NFL does a Thursday night Houston v Oakland snoozer. Plus I would argue that with the exception of the cupcake games (which hopefully will go away with the college playoff sytem starting) that the majority of those college games are more compelling and competitive than your average NFL game. Sure, there are things wrong with college football, but I will now take it any day over the pros.

      • Brad Adcock says:

        Actually I’m hearing the cupcake games will become more prevalent, as all the talking heads claim that strength of schedule will no longer be used to determine the rankings (how they completely engineer that one out is beyond me). Oversaturation isn’t something that takes into account how one thing is promoted or advertised versus another; just how often something happens. Sounds like your problem has more to do with the NFL being overhyped rather than oversaturated. Thanks for giving me something to do on a slow afternoon!

  3. Cecil says:

    Here are two more factors in your disinterest of the NFL:
    1. You moved to Arkansas. Your state does not have a team.
    2. You got old. We lose our passion for such things with age. I used to watch ANY NFL game. Now, due to age, I am selective.

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  5. xybatt says:

    I agree that the NFL is less appealing. The desire for carbon copy quarterbacks and not allowing defense to hit leads to monotony, But he masses want Arena football scores and we must protect our stars. Plus, the exclusion of players who don’t fit the mold (think Tebow).

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