Whatever Happened to Wednesday Nights?

Wed nights

Remember the old joke. It is Judgment Day. A great roar sweeps through the crowd. Someone asks why. Another responds, “We just heard! They aren’t counting Wednesday nights!”

Wednesday night prayer meeting or Wednesday Bible study or however it is designated used to be more of a thing. It was a time when Christians would gather to study, pray, fellowship, encourage, visit, and bless one another. It was a highlight of the long week between Sunday worship. Something for which disciples of Christ could look forward.

It seems though to have fallen on leaner times. Other priorities have taken precedent. Lifestyles are busier. Wednesday nights down at the church house just aren’t the same anymore. Maybe Wednesday nights are a tradition past its prime?

It is a shame. Teachers still put in their time to prepare. The idea of gathering midweek to encourage one another in Christ is still valid and needed. Those who do attend receive a blessing.

So whatever happened to Wednesday nights? If it no longer is filling a need, what replaces it? What are we Christians doing to fill that void?

I still enjoy gathering with my church family on Wednesday nights. Call me “old school,” but it gives my faith a boost.

Maybe I will see you there!


8 Responses to Whatever Happened to Wednesday Nights?

  1. Ken Mabus says:

    Wow, so many tangents to go down here, but it basically comes down to the “soil” If the soil of your heart needs some tilling, you will be at the church where that can occur. If your soil is one of the other types mentioned int he Word, you will skip it. I worship at Skyway Hills in Pearl, MS, and we have seen a resurgence of our Wednesday evening attendance. To God be the glory !.

  2. Edward says:

    I grew up in churches where Wednesday nights were valued. They’ve been replaced by something that younger generations are finding more valuable and effective: small groups. If we view the church as a corporate entity, then Wednesday night Bible studies are valuable. If we view the church, however, as more relationally-driven, then small groups fit the bill. I’m not saying that either is the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach. Both have their benefits. But, because of our busy lifestyles and schedules, we become more intentional in finding a small group to feed our souls during another day and time of the week. Small groups have the ability to do the same thing as Wednesday night study, but in a different setting and in a different way.

  3. Joe Butler says:

    What worship is beyond the obvious aspects of glorifying God is COMMUNITY. As the previous comment mentioned, that can be accomplished via a traditional corporate bible study and devotional, or through the gathering of small groups. Either way, many in the church today have lost the value of “community, especially in the sense the 1st century church used it by gathering together DAILY! How do we change the hearts and minds of Christians to considering the importance of community among brethren? Good question, and until we answer it, we will find it difficult for the church to be fully effective.

  4. dannydodd says:

    Edward and Joe–yes it is about community and traditional Wednesday gatherings are one way to build community, but obviously not the only way. In the article I did ask–has this tradition run its course? If so what is replacing it. That to me is the question to answer. Small groups can do that. They have replaced the traditional Sunday night gathering where I am. But if nothing replaces it or if whatever is happening is not supported–that hurts the community of God IMO.

  5. Carlene says:

    Good article, Danny.

  6. Oddly, I read an article recently that argued that Wednesday is the new Sunday; some churches are seeing families that are engaged in sports on Sunday attending more on Wednesday, and are adapting their outreach program to reach families for Wednesday. Emphasis and expectations affect attendance. And think how sad for many it would be if Wednesday did “count,” but only when paired with faithful attendance at a Sunday night service.

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