See You at Pepperdine!

April 28, 2008

Well, at least those of you who will be there!

Terri and I remain very excited (and a little nervous) about co-teaching a class. Our class is entitled “Resisting the Irresistible; Life in the Belly of the Whale”. We teach on Wednesday afternoon at 2pm in the Irvine Reading Room/Payson Library.

I know there are a bunch of great classes, but we do hope you accept our invitation to attend our class. Last year in my class one man told me afterward that he was actually looking for and expecting another class, but he decided to stay! Hey we will take them anyway we get them. lol Please pray for us as we travel and teach.

I will be blogging again after the lectures. As always thanks for dropping in.



Sunshine on my Shoulders!

April 17, 2008

With a nod to John Denver- the sunshine on my shoulders feels great today in Florida. It won’t be too long until the days warm up enough for the beach to really be inviting.

Thanks for the positive reception of my previous post. The discussion there is still ongoing and I soon plan a follow-up post.

Recently I have connected with old friends. My old Sardis Lake Christian Camp buddy Tom Lynch who preaches in the Nashville area emailed a couple of weeks ago. Back in the day at SLCC we had a blast. One of my former elders, Richard Peace, who now lives and continues his shepherding work in Paris, TX also emailed. He and his wonderful wife Connelle are doing great. I also enjoyed a recent phone conversation with Eddie Lewis. Eddie is on staff at the Germantown church near Memphis. He and his sweet wife Judy (who stays busy in her counseling work) are blessing many in that area through their ministries. And it has also been wonderful to reconnect with Otis Bowman who preaches for the Johnson Grove Church of Christ in Brookhaven, MS.

Speaking of Otis, a young man- Bubby Rushing- from his congregation will spend part of his summer here at Gateway as my preaching intern. I am excited about this- especially after meeting Bubby and his family. The Johnson Grove church is demonstrating great vision by sponsoring Bubby and encouraging his pursuit of ministry in this way. I received help from Robert Oglesby of the Waterview congregation in Richardson, TX in putting together this program. Robert has had summer preaching interns for many years and is a pioneer in this type of training.

Terri and I are looking foward to soon heading to the Pepperdine Bible Lectures on the campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. This is such an uplifting event. Terri and I are scheduled to co-teach a class entitled “In the Belly of the Whale”. Terri is very nervous, but I am confident that she will do extremely well. If you have never attended this lecture I encourage you to consider it. Jerry Rushford and crew do an outstanding job of putting this together and hosting it- and the view just can’t be beat!

Before we leave for the lectures we will enjoy one of the highlights of the year at Gateway. Every April we host a benefit talent show for our Lithuania camp summer mission team. This year it will feature all in-house Gateway “talent”. We use that word loosely around here since I am on the roster to sing a Hank Jr. song, a Waylon Jennings tune (as a part of a medley) and to be one of the Temptations! It all should be a hoot.

If you get a minute check out this new blog. My friend Jim Miller is hoping it will become a focal point for discussing Christian singles ministry. 

I would also reccomend you reading Bobby Valentine’s latest post. Very powerful indeed.

As always- thanks for stopping by the blog!

Thoughts on the Bible Lectures

May 7, 2007

Wow! What a terrific adventure the Pepperdine Bible Lectures were for me and Terri. We came away greatly encouraged and spiritually energized.

Obviously just being on this campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean is amazing, but the fellowship, worship, and sharing of the word of the Lord in Jeremiah was equally amazing. Of all of the large gatherings in the fellowship of churches of Christ this lecture is the most intimate. This was Jerry Rushford’s twenty-fifth year of directing and I think it is through his personality and influence that this intimate feeling exists.

Okay, I could gush on, but I do want to mention folks I encountered while there. Of course, my beautiful bride, Terri accompanied me for the first time and she also had a wonderful time. We shared an apartment with my mentor, Bud Myer and fellow Gateway guy (and fellow presenter) Jim Miller- so we spent quite a bit of time with them and with buddy, Al Sturgeon of Ocean Springs, MS (when he was not hanging out with Pamela Anderson). It was great to meet fellow bloggers Donna Gossett and Steve Puckett. Nice seeing them, if but briefly. I enjoyed seeing my old friend from our Mississippi days, Tom Perkins who is now the worship leader for the University church in Tuscaloosa, Al. I saw Debbie Martin whom I first met in Vienna, Austria. It was such a blessing to again be able to spend a little time with two of the dearest people in the world to me, Ronney and Sylvia Wheeler. Terri and I had a blast over Mexican food with them one evening. I got the chance to visit with two of my predecessors at Gateway, Buddy Bell and Chris Seidman. I saw friend Barbara Barnes. She is so sweet. We shared a mission trip together back in the day. It was great to see Bobby Valentine again. I only made one of his class sessions, but plan to catch-up by buying his book when it comes out. It was nice to visit with Doug Edwards and Mike Westerfield of Rochester College.

Here is a pic of me standing in the memorial 9/11 garden on campus. It is dedicated to the memory of a Pepperdine alum who died in one of the attacks on that day.

One of the highlights for both Terri and me was the reception hosted by the Bentons. Dr Andy Benton is the president of the university and graciously invited all those participating to his home. What a view overlooking the ocean. There we met chatted with others on the program and met several interesting folks- including preachers from New Zealand and Greece.

I enjoyed a wide variety of classes and keynotes. Especially powerful was the Friday night presentation by David Fleer. He is an incredibly gifted communicator.

Outside of the lectures Terri enjoyed visiting Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. Brooke Chandler whose family attends Gateway is a student at USC and gave Terri this tour. We drove one afternoon through some beautiful canyons and ate right on the water at Dukes- a famous restaurant there. Saturday morning Terri and I had different flights home. Mine was later so I walked around Santa Monica- on the peer and down the promenade- guided by Jim Miller, before heading home.

I am an unabashed fan of these lectures and would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend!

Pepperdine Bound

April 30, 2007

Tomorrow, God willing, Terri and I head out to the Pepperdine Lectureships at the university in Malibu, CA. This will be my third trip, but Terri’s first.

These lectures have by far become my favorite destination among the larger gatherings in the Churches of Christ. I am greatly looking forward to soaking in the total environment of natural beauty, wonderful fellowship and great teaching.

I also anticipate reunions with friends I have not seen since the lectures last year and meeting some of my fellow bloggers.

I am teaching one class. It will be on Friday morning bright and early at 8:30. My topic is “Not of this World” and I will be discussing radical kingdom principles from John 18 at AMB 220. If you will be there, I would be greatly encouraged if you would attend. But making that choice may be very difficult considering the gifted speakers who are also teaching at that time- some of whom will be finishing three-part lectures. (But the four of us that show up at my lecture will still have a blast!:)

So please say a prayer for our travel. We are scheduled to return to Pensacola on Saturday. I doubt I will have the chance to post while there, but I will try!

As always, thanks for stopping by.


March 6, 2007

I honestly do not know if the title is even a word, it just sounded appropriate for this post. I could have done something cutesy like “Danny’s doodlings”, but I don’t normally do cute. 🙂

Much going on with me these days. First up is a trip to the Faulkner lectures tomorrow with John Dobbs and Les Ferguson, Jr. We plan to meet other old buds, Gary Kirkendall, Cecil May III and Richard May there. I have never been on Faulkner’s campus. Should be a good trip and a good reunion.

Just finished teachng the Restoration Revisited series (see previous post) last Sunday. I thouroughly enjoyed preparing for and teaching this class to our young couples. Talk about a receptive audience! They really connected to this study.

God is working at Gateway. About five years ago Gateway went through a family split. As in any of these tragedies the pain and damage took time to heal. Gateway was left with around 300 regular attendees then. Yesterday, praise God, we broke 500 for the first time on a normal Sunday. I am not surprised. There is a real genuineness and servant-spirit in our body of believers that is extremely flattering to Christ. I know it attracted me to become part of this family to minister here.  With growth comes challenges though. Please join us in praying that we allow God to equip us for them.

Currently I am in the middle of a sermon series on Christ’s Sermon on the Mount (See earlier post). It has been wonderfully rewarding for me personally. My study has led me to an even greater appreciation for the courage and vision of our Lord. I do have to credit David Fleer and the 2006 Rochester College Sermon Seminar for inspiring me to dig deeper into this text. David, by the way, has recently accepted a teaching position at Lipscomb. I know God will use David’s exceptional gifts to bless many there.

Ole Miss and Missisippi State tied for the SEC West regular season championship. The apocolypse is upon us!

The Big Trees

October 4, 2006

While I was in California for the Workshop I got the opportunity for a quick trip to Sequoia National Park to see the Big Trees for the first time. Awesome!

The Workshop was outstanding too.

I am playing catch-up now.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting more later this week.

Coast to Coast

September 26, 2006

It is a wonderful, beautiful day in the Florida panhandle. Nature is pretty awesome here when not being pushed around by a hurricane.

Tomorrow, God willing, I travel to Fresno, California to participate in the Spiritual Growth Workshop hosted by the Woodward Park Church of Christ. This is my second time to be involved in this area event which brings together a thousand or so. I will not be back until Monday night so I will not be blogging for a while.

Thanks for dropping by anyway and say a prayer for my travel!